Tasting new things

I have never been a fan of a traditional beer! It is always bitter and leaves an unpleasant after-taste for me. And please don’t give me a beer shandy to “make it taste better”! It doesn’t. So never have I thought I would enjoy a craft beer – it’s just another beer right? Wrong! Over […]

To write … or not

So I am reading a book of a well known radio presenter and I am terribly disappointed in this book. I expected more humour in the writing and the writer to capture me better and make me hungry for more. But instead, it is really really boring. Yes I agree, not everyone is a writer […]


We have so many award shows lately, from Grammy’s, Emmy’s, Oscars, for the entertainment sector to car awards – World car of the year, European car of the year, Green car of the year, Consumer car of the year, …. with this endless list, if a manufacturer has never received an award, they sort of […]

Paper or screen?

Dare I start this post with old people vs young people …. I wonder! Recently I read that the generation I was born in has a new name now, we are called Xennials. Mainly because we don’t really fit into the generation of older people (haha I said it!) who saw the TV coming into their […]


Do you know how long it took me to learn what a ghd was? All I can say is a very very long time! I remember talking to a friend and colleague when he mentioned ghd. When I asked him what it was, his jaw dropped. “You do not know what a ghd is?” My […]